We are a Translation Company able address your global needs. Our professional translators are native speakers who have a solid work experience in the industries for which they translate. Our team can equally handle the most difficult tasks and meet the schedule at the same time. We provide our services for a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

1/ Certified sworn translation:

Our company offers services of certified translation of various kinds of documents. We provide official and recognized translations on a global scale of legal and administrative document. We translate civil status documents, including birth and marriage certificates, contracts, patents, corporate documents and by-laws…etc. This can be done thanks to a team of sworn translators and editors certified by the court.

2/ Technical translation:

We offer technical and specialized translation services thanks our translators, proofreaders and consultants who possess a deep knowledge of the main technical fields. Our team translates product manuals, technical specifications, operating and maintenance manuals, product catalogues, tenders, user guides, price lists… etc.

3/ Financial Translation:

The global business transactions are governed on finance, and we believe that time is money. Our team is here to offer flawless financial translation services thanks to a network of experienced translators who know how the financial sector works. This allows us to handle different projects and provide high quality translations, done by a team of financial translators, who specialize in this field and crosschecked by linguists with an extensive knowledge and a solid experience in this area.

We deal mainly with two types of services:

– Translation services for the banking sector

– Translation services for the insurance industry

4/ Medical translation:

Medical and pharmaceutical sectors are dynamic due to the constant research which result in the invention of new tools and machines as well as the production of innovative medicines. At DailyTrad, we translate all kinds of documents, including but not limited to: scientific publications, medical records, medical reports, package leaflets, labels, clinical studies, patent applications, research papers, scientific articles from specialized and scientific journals and all medical-related documentation.

5/ Administrative translation:

Our team specializes in administrative translation, including business and official documents. Administrative parlance differs from the language we speak on a daily basis.

We have a team of certified translators with a profound knowledge and a vast experience in administrative translation. We deliver professional and exact translations thanks to our mastering of the vocabulary and parlance of this sector.

6/ Website and app translation:

We would be glad to offer you services of website translation and localization. Our team will manage your national or international online advertising and marketing campaigns. We localize among others: headers, keywords, meta tags, page descriptions. We provide prompt and fast translations of your software and android applications, while keeping them at the same time up to date and in pace with technology standards to ensure a worldwide visibility and hence attract potential customers.

Our company has translated thousands of static and dynamic websites, into and from all the main European and Asian languages for both small companies and large businesses.

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